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Are you looking for Winter Tyres Southampton for your vehicle?

"If it snows, only then will I use winter tyres; else my all-season tyres are just fine." Most of us think that winter tyres are only for the snowy weather conditions, but it is not true. Our experts here, at Eco Tyres, recommend installing your cars with winter tyres as soon as the temperature goes below 7 degrees Celsius.

Winter tyres are specially designed to provide traction on the snow-laden road, as well as in low-temperature conditions. If you are looking to buy your own set of new winter tyres Southampton, you know where to arrive - at Eco Tyres.

What are winter tyres?

When the temperature drops below 7 degrees Celsius, standard summer tyres fail to impart necessary traction on the road. In such a case, winter tyres come into action. Winter tyres enhance the braking capabilities by decreasing the braking distance of a car.

What makes winter tyres great?

  • Winter tyres are made from a softer rubber compound along with an adequate amount of silica added to it. The softer version of rubber helps it to grip better on the snow-laden or moist road.
  • Another important feature of winter tyres is the increased number of grooves in its tyre tread. The grooves are uniquely patterned. These grooves are called sipes. Sipes are responsible for the channelling of water through the tyres and hence, restricts aquaplaning.
  • The tread depth of newly bought winter tyres is in between 8 to 9mm while for a regular tyre it is in between 7 to 8mm. The deeper tread offers greater traction on the road. The difference in tread depth and its pattern is one of the main reasons that winter tyres are safer than regular tyres in harsh and cold weather conditions.

What should you consider before installing your cars with winter tyres?

  • Tyres should always have a minimum of 3mm tread depth for better gripping and higher safety. In the UK, tread depth lesser than 1.6mm is considered illegal, but our experts recommend that you maintain it above 3mm. If it goes any lower than that, you should consider replacing the tyres.
  • Another essential thing to keep in mind is when you change your summer tyres with winter tyres, get them all replaced at once. No mix-matching of tyres is allowed as it dramatically compromises the safety of the vehicle and the driver.

If you think that in the UK use of winter tyres is not mandated as part of the rules, and why to spend extra, remember that you are not paying extra for the tyres; your extra expense is on a commodity to protect yourself and to assure the safety of your loved ones. It sure makes for an even deal.

When you come to us at Eco tyres, you can choose from our extensive collection of winter tyres. We provide all kinds of winter tyres Southampton from various famous international brands as well as quality budget brands here in the Southampton area. Therefore, the next time you are here, do not forget to check our collection. If you know your tyres well, you can also book them online with us.

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