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Continental Tyres

    Continental tyre is a part of a world-renowned company in the automotive industry know as Continental AG. Continental tyres, with the confidence of German engineering, ensure that they want to remain among the top tyre manufacturers and provide the market with tough competition. Since 1871, Continental rubber company is perfecting the art of manufacturing rubber and understanding its composition, and we at Eco Tyres put our complete faith in them.

    Increase in the road accidents deeply saddened the people at continental tyres; hence, they came up with the initiative of reducing the death toll of road accidents that occur due to tyre treads and bringing it to the absolute zero. They called this initiative "vision zero"; zero here stands for the value ‘0’, that is, none (no death) as the answer to the number of accidents that will happen due to tyre treads in the near future.

    In 1904, they were the first to come up with the idea of having a tread pattern in the car tyres, and now when they have perfected the manufacturing of rubber, they wish to apply it to the idea of “Vision Zero.”

    Here’s listing a few reasons for you to buy Continental tyres:

  • People in Europe trust Continental tyres so much that every third car in Europe is fitted with tyres by this brand.
  • Continental tyres have an astounding 54,000 employees working in the tyre division of the company. The company is spread all over the globe, with branches in 24 countries working on tyres. It employees world-renowned German technology in manufacturing each of its tyre variants. Thus, not surprisingly, these machines with cutting edge technology produce tyres with unmatched quality.
  • Continental tyres provide Original Equipment for more than 800 car models in all of Europe. BMW trusts this brand blindly to provide original equipment for its cars.
  • Continental tyres, while following their vision zero, put tons of money into research and development. They came up with various variants of tyres that perform brilliantly. The tyres show excellent braking capabilities, along with great cornering and steering ability. The vehicles tested with Continental tyres on showed a significant enhancement in the handling ability than the cars fitted with other tyres of the same range.
  • Continental tyres are also very considerate about the environment and sustainable development. They are working tirelessly on the project for future tyres. These tyres will not only save valuable amount of fuel by providing high fuel efficiency but will also help the engine in the proper combustion of fuel, hence, reducing the overall air pollution.
  • If you are looking for a brilliant tyre manufacturing brand that not only provides ultra-high performance but also keeps safety in mind, then you should go for the Continental Tyres. To choose your own set of Continental tyres, you can visit us. We, Eco Tyres, here in Southampton, provide a wide range of Continental tyre variants that will surely fit your driving needs. If you know exactly what you need, then you can also buy them online with us. To know more about Continental tyres, feel free to contact us.

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