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Are you looking for MOT Southampton for your vehicle?

Do you know passing an MOT Car / van Southampton is essential to remain road-legal in the UK?

According to the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA), every vehicle over three years in the UK must undergo an annual MOT to confirm its roadworthiness.

MOT test involves a complete inspection of crucial car components ensuring proper road safety and environment-friendly standards. The MOT test ensures your car meets:

  • Road safety parameter
  • Environmental standards

If you have any enquiry regarding class 4 and class 7 MOT and Pre MOT check Southampton, call Eco Tyres & Auto Care on 02380 441044.We can arrange an MOT test Southampton with any of our partner facilities conveniently.

Vehicles checked during an MOT!

As per the guidelines, MOT assessment involves the following vehicle classes:

  • Class 1: Two-wheelers below 200cc
  • Class 2: Two-wheelers above 200cc
  • Class 3: Three-wheelers weighing up to 450 kg
  • Class 4: Eight-seat passenger cars, Motor caravans, etc.
  • Class 5: Play buses, Coaches, etc.
  • Class 7: Goods and services vehicles between 3001 kg to 3500 kg of gross weight

MOT check service

A DVSA-certified garage like ours examines VEHICLE components to ensure vehicle roadworthiness:

  • Exhaust emission
  • Car body
  • Brakes
  • Fuel system
  • Mirrors
  • Seats
  • Lights
  • Bonnets
  • Horn
  • Steering
  • Suspension,etc.

Certificates provided after an MOT Southampton

An authorised service centre provides a VT20 and VT30 certificate after MOT assessment.

VT20:When all the car components pass the MOT check, your vehicle receives this one-year validity certificate.

VT30:When car components fail to pass the MOT Car Southampton per the DVSA guideline, it receives a VT30 certificate.

However, you can opt for post-MOT repairs and then go for a free partial re-test within the next ten working days after receiving a VT30.

Pre-MOT check

To ensure a confirmed VT20 certificate after MOT assessment, you can opt for a pre-MOT check for your vehicle. All the car components checked in the MOT test are inspected in a pre-MOT Southampton and replaced or repaired to help your car pass the test in one attempt.

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