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Are you looking for Full Car Service Southampton for your vehicle?

If your search for the best ‘Full Car Service Southampton’ has led you to this page, you are in the right place!

Thorough and routine tuning-up of your vehicle is crucial to ensure optimal functioning. Moreover, you can also rest assured your vehicle will clear the MOT test without a hitch. So, if you are a car owner, your vehicle must undergo Full servicing once a year or after covering 12,000 miles – whichever comes early.

At Eco Tyres and Auto Care, our RAC-approved workshop is equipped with advanced technology to offer your Full car service Southampton in minimal turn-around time. Additionally, with our Payment Assist facility, you can opt for these services without spending the total cost upfront! It allows you to pay 25% of the total cost at the time of service and pay the rest in three equal installments over the next three months.

Sounds promising? Then do not think twice about contacting our experts at 02380 441044 or info@eco-tyre.co.uk.

Checks under Full servicing

There are 77 checks offered under Full car servicing. Our autobody technicians with hands-on experience provide a precise assessment of your vehicle’s health by measures, such as:

Steering and suspension check

The optimal functioning of your vehicle’s steering and suspension system is crucial for a stable car handling experience. So, any fault with these components can lead to wheel misalignment, loss of car control or the vehicle drifting when you turn.

Here we inspect several parts, such as shock absorbers, wheel bearings and steering rack gaiters, etc., to properly understand the issues. Accordingly, we offer OE-grade replacement spares.

Antifreeze check

The coolant or antifreeze of your car is crucial to protect the vehicle from the adverse effects of weather extremities. Your car can be susceptible to a vehicular breakdown if the antifreeze level is below the manufacturer-specified level. So, we inspect the coolant and top it off, if necessary.

We also offer:

  • Checking brake operation
  • Excessive oil leakage inspection
  • Engine oil replacement
  • Inspecting security and condition of the undertray

Interesting, isn’t it?

So, find us at Unit 30-32 St Marys Place, SO143HY. We are happy to be at your service.

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