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Debica Tyres

    Debica tyres are a Polish leader in tyre manufacturing and selling companies. They make high-quality tyres for passenger and delivery vehicles. In 1995, Goodyear substantially invested in Debica and after that gave a whole new direction to the company. Today, Goodyear holds around 81.40% of the total shares of the company. We, Eco Tyres, believe that everything Goodyear touches turns to gold. Therefore, we put our complete trust in Debica tyres as well.

    Tc Debica is the largest tyre manufacturing company in the whole of the European continent. They are responsible for tending to the needs of more than 60 countries in 6 different continents. This is made possible because of their dedicated staff of around 2,900 personnel continuously working towards reaching newer heights every day.

    With the inclusion of Goodyear tyres, Debica has produced tyres of higher quality, one of which is the Presto series:

    Presto (HP): Presto HP stands for a high-performance model of Debica Presto series. Presto (HP) tyres deliver exceptional performance while maintaining the cost of the tyres. They are specially made to cater to the middle-class people and therefore, fall under the affordable price bracket. The tyres are made to provide stability under all weather conditions. Treads in Presto (HP) are larger than the regular tyres, which increases the contact area of the tyres with the roads and hence, helps to impart stability to the vehicle. Also, braking is upgraded with enhanced silica rubber composition that provides excellent results even in the harshest of weather conditions.

    Presto (SUV): Presto SUV tyres are designed to bring the best performance out of an SUV. These are summer tyres that will highly fit your vehicle for long tours. The grooves are made to reduce the risk of aquaplaning by enhancing the channelling of water through the tread. The wide centre rib increases the steering response and hence, results in better cornering and steering on challenging roads and turns.

    Presto (UHP2): With specially carved asymmetrical treads that help in maintaining exceptional grip in dry conditions, UHP2 tyres provide ultra-high performance. The tyres are made keeping mileage in mind along with delivering high performance. UHP 2 tyres have a higher number of grooves, thereby providing a better grip in wet conditions. These tyres show even tread wear as the pressure is uniformly distributed all over the tyres.

    Debica tyres are continuously developing tyres that reduce fuel consumption; thus, their tyres succeed at increasing the overall mileage of the car to reduce pollution and help the environment with sustainable development.

    Are you looking for a budget tyre that has a backing of world-renowned Goodyear tyres? If yes, then you should choose the Debica presto tyres. They are superior quality tyres that will take care of your budget while still rendering your car capable of providing high performance. To buy your own brand new set of Debica Presto tyres Southampton, you can either book them online with us or visit our store to choose right before your eyes after a thorough check.

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