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Are you looking for Brake Repair Southampton for your vehicle?

What comes first to your mind while driving a car, when we say you have a near emergency condition on the road? Yes, the answer most likely is applying brakes to stop the vehicle. But what if they are not working correctly. A problem? One must make it a habit to get their brakes checked and Brake Repair Southampton from time to time. If you are looking to get your Brake Pad Replacement Southampton, there is no better place in all of Southampton, than Eco Tyres. Our experts will carefully scrutinise your brakes before getting on to any conclusion.

Driving around in a city without adequately maintaining your brakes can cause them to wear out substantially. The constant stop and go routine of the town puts enormous pressure on your brakes and hence, cause them to wear out quickly. Brakes can cause you to fail your MOT test because it is one of the essential things to provide safety on the road.

How can you discern that you have faulty brakes?

When your brakes make unpleasant noises: When your brake linings are worn out, the brakes start to make contact with the steel which causes a high pitched screeching sound that is readily differentiable from the low noise the new brake pads make.

Vibrating car: If you feel vibrations in your vehicle while applying brakes, there is a misalignment in your brakes. To avoid any fatal situation on the road, you should get it repaired as soon as possible.

Check the warning lights: Modern cars are fitted with sensitive sensors and a powerful computer. If there is anything wrong with your vehicle or the smallest of its parts, your computer might tell you to check a specific component. There are various warning lights on your dashboards that will tell you that something is wrong. One of them is to check your brakes lights. If they are on, get your car to us; we will get to the root cause and also repair it for you.

Fluids are leaking: If your brakes are leaking the vital fluids, they are bound to degrade in a short time.

When you come to us, we check your brakes for the following:

  • The thickness of your brake linings
  • Wearing of the brake rotors and linings
  • Condition of brake callipers is also checked
  • Fluids of your brake along with any possible leakage

We know how vital the brakes are for you and your family’s safety. Hence, we recommend that you get them checked regularly, and get your fluids exchanged after every six months or 6,000 miles.

If you are convinced with the above points and have not got your brakes serviced for quite a few months now, bring your car to us. Our experts here at Eco Tyres will take a look and repair them accordingly. To get more information on how the brakes work and the possible problems that can occur with your brakes, call us right away or visit us for Brake Pad Replacement Southampton area.

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