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Are you looking for Wheel Balancing Southampton for your vehicle?

A car is a specimen of art that takes a long time to get out of the assembly. Manufacturers make sure that everything is in its place and working correctly at the time the car leaves the facility. However, over time, the vehicle loses its shape and starts facing some problems. The same is the case with the balance of your wheels. Wheels lose their balance with continuous driving, especially without proper maintenance and cause various issues. It is where we, Eco Tyres, can help you.

What is wheel balancing?

The wheels of your car rotate with a tremendous angular velocity along with continuous acceleration and deceleration. Even though they remain balanced in the static position, they will show some imbalance once they are set in motion. Wheel unbalancing to an extent is normal, but beyond that, it is highly recommended to visit a trusted garage for Wheel Balancing Southampton

What are the causes of wheel imbalance?

If your tyres have faced uneven tread wear or they have unequal distribution, then your wheels will be thrown out of balanced. Another reason for your wheels to face balancing issues is the routine of acceleration and deceleration on the roads of a city. In case your steering wheel is vibrating out of control, you should know that your wheels require balancing.

How do we perform the test and correct your imbalanced wheels?

Our wheel balancing machine fits accurately to your wheels and reads the loading on each wheel. Our experts analyse this data in accordance with the correct specification of the model of your vehicle. If the wheels are imbalanced, then our technician will attach weights to them to balance to have them all balanced.

Types of weights used

There are two types of weights in general:

Bang on: The bang-on weights, as the name suggests, are attached with your wheels by using force and are banged onto your wheels, using a hammer. Nowadays, these weights are rarely used for some exceptional cases.

Adhesive weights: These weights are stuck to your wheels with the help of a strong adhesive that is believed to last longer. The weights can easily be cut to make smaller weights.

A proper balancing of the wheels can save you further expenses on the treads of your tyres. While the unbalancing of the wheels result from unevenly worn out tyres, this unbalanced state might further cause them to wear out quickly. Wearing of the treads will compromise your safety, as well as the fuel efficiency of your vehicle.

When you see the uneven wearing of your tyres, or you feel excessive vibrations creeping through your steering wheel, get your car to us. There is a possibility that it is facing wheel balancing problems. We, here at Eco tyres, know how vital your tyre treads are and hence, get your Wheel Balancing Southampton at the most affordable prices in all of Southampton. If you need more information on our services, don't forget to call us.

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