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Are you looking for flywheel for your vehicle?

Are you facing issues when trying to shift your vehicle's gears, or do you feel vibrations in the floorboard or steering wheel?

Do not delay having your car checked. One reason for the symptoms mentioned above could be a defective flywheel.

The function of the dual-mass flywheel

The flywheel is an essential component in the drive train of a vehicle. Although installed in every car, few drivers know the flywheel or its position. Usually, the flywheel works reliably, but it can cause problems that should definitely be fixed as soon as possible. This applies to single-piece flywheels as well as to dual-mass flywheels.

The crankshaft of an internal combustion engine, which is driven by the pistons, never rotates completely uniformly despite the clever arrangement of the connecting rods and any balancing weights. This is because combustion within the cylinders is never completely identical, and the forces acting on them vary as a result. The dual-mass flywheel (DMF) is designed to reduce these imbalances because a uniform rotational movement not only protects the downstream transmission and the powertrain but also minimises noise generation at the same time. It represents a further development of the single-mass flywheel (EMS) and has been increasingly used since the 1980s. In addition to the damping function, the flywheel also provides a ring gear via which the engine can be started through a starter motor.

Structure of the dual mass flywheel (DMF)

In principle, a dual-mass flywheel always consists of two flywheel discs that are coupled to each other by springs. One mass is mounted on the crankshaft so that it cannot rotate, while the other is installed on the side of the transmission—the damping effect results from the moment of inertia of the higher mass, which resists brief accelerations. The connecting springs also contribute to this and can be tuned to suit the car. As a result, the transmission is easier to shift, and there is less wear on the flanks of the gears.

Signs of a defective DMF

A DMF can wear out or break and is usually noticeable by a transmission rattle; problems shifting gears as well as vibrations. They occur mainly at idle and may disappear entirely at appropriate engine speeds. If you notice vibrations in the steering wheel or underbody, you should visit our workshop immediately before consequential damage occurs due to material fatigue, among other things. The Eco Tyres And Auto Care workshop will clarify all other possible causes, e.g. defective bearings or dampers, and then check the intermediate mass flywheel.

The tilt clearance and the clearance angle play a particular role here because they describe the movement possibilities of the two masses in relation to each other before the connecting springs become active. If there are deviations from the manufacturer's values, the dual-mass flywheel is worn and must be replaced. The determination requires the removal of the transmission and special tools. An additional visual inspection can also detect damage to the ring gear. If, for example, a tooth is broken off or cracked due to overload, it is also essential to replace the DMF.

Changing the flywheel

To change the flywheel, the transmission system must, of course, be removed.

The flywheel and the clutch are unscrewed, replaced with suitable spare parts and reattached. Of course, checking the clutch and release bearing in this context is also advisable. Once the flywheel has been replaced, the transmission and ancillary units are put back in place.

Sounds complicated?

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