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Are you looking for TPMS Replacement for your vehicle?

Almost all modern cars come with an automated device on-board which monitors air pressures in the tyres in real-time. This is the Tyre Pressure Monitoring System or TPMS. First made available in the 1980s, it became mandatory in most countries after 2008.

However, TPMS sensors often cause trouble due to mishandling or damage while driving. If you live in or around Southampton,visit us - Eco Tyres - for a professional TPMS service or TPMS replacement Southampton.

There are various reasons which can cause a TPMS malfunction. We have detailed them in the next section. At our facility, we have a team of specially trained experts who can take care of any aspect of the TPMS.

Most common reasons behind TPMS malfunction

The Tyre Pressure Monitoring System is connected to an array of sensors which relay real-time tyre pressure information to it at all times. If any tyre’s pressure breaches the recommended margins, the TPMS warning light comes on.

Here are some afflictions of the TPMS, which may cause the warning light to come to life frequently.

  • A dead TPMS battery: All TPMS modules have their own power sources which enable them to function. This is a separate battery and is located near the TPMS valve. Some cars’ TPMS comes with nickel-metal hydride cells too.
  • A failing battery: Whenever a TPMS battery is approaching the end of its service life, the warning light will behave erratically. In this instance, we will replace the battery.
  • A wiring fault which trips the TPMS: In this scenario, the entire module will work intermittently. We will first ensure that all the sensors which lead to the TPMS are in working order by tapping into the ECU. Post that, we will follow up with TPMS replacement Southampton. These measures will ensure that there are no follow-up issues.
  • A faulty TPMS module: There are occasions where the entire module might need replacing. When you come to our service centre to check TPMS replacement Southampton, we will inspect every part of the system to ensure they are working the way they should. At Eco Tyres, we can provide manufacturer-approved replacements too, given enough notice.
  • Problems after fitting new tyres: Another frequent issue that our technicians at Eco Tyres face is a malfunctioning TPMS after the tyres have been recently replaced. It takes expertise to fix the TPMS after such a procedure.

How to replace TPMS sensor battery?

Eco Tyres possesses the necessary technical ability and advanced tools to replace a TPMS. Remember that there is no DIY-friendly way to do these changes.

If you are looking for a facility for TPMS replacement Southampton, visit us for prompt solutions today.

Please ensure you book an appointment with us in advance. You can call us on 02380441044.

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