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When our customers ask us what the most critical part of their vehicle is that needs to maintained regularly, our answer is always the same: it is your car's tyres that are single-handedly the most crucial component of your vehicle. Our experts, here at Eco Tyres, say that tyres are responsible for maintaining several essential things in your car. Car tyres influence the fuel economy, driving capabilities, steering, braking capabilities in the wet and dry conditions, cornering, engine power usage, and much more.

Hence, it becomes essential to maintain your tyres to make the best use of the other parts of your car. At Eco Tyres, we provide tyres that will suit your car the best. Whatever be your need or driving habits, our vast collection of tyres will surely fit your vehicle. Therefore, if you want a new set of car tyres, don't wander from store to store for the correct set of tyres; instead, choose from our wide range of renowned, quality certified brands in tyres.

What should you know before buying new tyres?

  • One should always know what the composition of their tyres is; in short, the rubber compounds.
  • Another important thing that makes a car tyre safe is the tyre's tread. You should know what pattern of tread will help you according to your driving conditions.
  • Tyres come with various specifications depending on your car's need. Some of which are loading index, speed rating on the sidewall of the tyre, aspect ratio, and its width.
  • The labels that differentiate various kinds of tyres like tyres for mud and snow(M+S), snow tyres (snowflakes), winter tyres, summer tyres, all-season tyres, etc.
  • Tyres can also be differentiated on the kind of driving needs they suffice, like performance tyres, budget tyres, passenger tyres, SUV tyres, etc.

Visiting Eco Tyres, you embrace the power to choose from varied categories of different tyres:

Winter tyres: We stockpile a range of winter tyres that provide the best grip and braking distance under icy conditions.

Summer tyres: Our summer tyres are responsible for maintaining adequate traction in dry conditions.

Performance tyres: We maintain an exclusive range of ultra high-performance tyres from brands like Goodyear and Bridgestone, capable of delivering excellent results in any condition.

Budget tyres: Our assortment of NEXEN tyres will surely suit your budget and in return deliver long life and exceptional performance that no other tyres can ever provide.

4X4 tyres: In case you are an off-roading fanatic and love to take your vehicle off the conventional highways, we have a treat for you waiting at our garage. Our off-road tyres provide high wearing resistance along with commendable traction.

Conclusively, if you are in need of new tyres for your vehicle, choose from our extensive range of tyres Southampton that will fit your car perfectly. At Eco tyres, we will not only help you choose the right tyres but will also help you install them to your car. You can book your tyres online with us, or you can come to our store and get them fixed along with the purchase.

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