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Are you looking for Tyre Fitting Southampton for your vehicle?

We, Eco-Tyres, know how vital tyres are for a vehicle to maintain its safety on the road. Tyres are the only component of the car that remains in contact with the road. Hence, they should be kept at priority to ensure safety for yourself, your fellow drivers, and the pedestrians.

Replacement of tyres can be a tough task and should be performed by experts.

A wrongly fitted tyre can pose significant disadvantages, some of which are:

  • A tyre that is not installed correctly will cause the treads to wear out unevenly.
  • It will also lead to a decrease in the fuel economy for your vehicle.
  • The possibility of sidewall damage increases drastically.
  • Rims can feel the pressure of a sudden impact as the tyres may expose it.

The process may seem easy when you have the right tools to do it, but instead, it is not just the tools that are needed to replace them correctly. It is the hands that do the magic. Only a skilled person can perform the tyre fitting to perfection. Here at Eco Tyres, our technicians have perfected the art of tyre fitting by gaining experience in changing tyres for uncountable vehicles.


Our experts take the following course of action to fit your wheels with new tyres:

  • Wheels will be removed carefully, and the tyres will be deflated of their pressure. The Tyre Pressure Monitoring System will be uninstalled with utmost care along with the removal and unscrewing of the valves. The wheels will then be fixed on a machine specially designed to change tyres, known as tyre changer tool.
  • The weights used for the balancing of the tyres will be removed from the rims of the wheels.
  • We will then apply an adequate amount of tyre exchange paste that will help the tyres to slide easily onto the rims. We blindly trust our experts, put our complete faith in their skills, and assure you that there will be no damage to your tyres or the rims.
  • The tyres are then slowly fitted onto the wheels.

After completing the tyre fitting, our expert will perform a thorough check-up of the fitted tyre. If he finds everything right, only then will we consider the fitting a success and you will be good to go, or else we will tend to the issues that very moment to let you off at the earliest.

When you come to us for Tyre Fitting Southampton, our experts take care of the smallest of details and precautions to fit your tyres correctly. You can book an appointment with us online, or you may call us and we will book them for you. To know more about our services and offers, you can always ask our experts; they are just a call away!

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