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Are you looking for Brake Calipers Southampton for your vehicle?

Do you feel strange vibrations on the brake pad?

It is a symptom of a faulty brake system. Make sure to opt for a professional brake repair and replacement service to restore the efficiency of your car braking system. In addition to maintaining optimal on-road safety, a functional brake is essential for your car to pass its annual MOT.

So, visit Eco Tyres & Auto Care to end your search for ‘Brake Calipers Southampton’.

Why us?

We offer cost-effective brake repair and replacement service Southampton for all major car models. We use only the latest tools for accurate and prompt solutions. In addition, we only fit OE-grade spare parts during replacements of faulty components so that you can get uncompromised safety.

Symptoms of a defective brake system

The following are the potential symptoms of a defective brake system:

Your car takes longer to halt

A car with a faulty braking system will take longer to stop. It can lead to potential safety hazards. So, contact our team for professional solutions.

Less resistance on the brake pedal

While applying brakes, if you feel no resistance from the pedal, it is time to get a professional opinion from us. It is a prominent symptom of a malfunctioning master cylinder.

Some other symptoms of faulty brakes include a car drifting in one direction while you are braking, illuminated brake warning light, etc.

If you face these problems in your vehicle, you can book an appointment with us for a Brake Calipers Southampton and service through the online booking tool available on the website.

Reasons for faulty brakes

According to automobile experts, braking system inspection is ideal every 15,000 miles. It will, however, depend on your car model and driving pattern. Brakes suffer damage due to:

  • Driving over bumps at high speed
  • Rash driving for a long time
  • Malfunctioning suspension
  • Inadequate brake fluid

Our experts run thorough checks on the brake components, such as:

  • Rotor
  • Brake pedal
  • Brake pads
  • Callipers
  • Brake booster, etc.

We will check for underlying damage, corrosion or rust and provide the necessary replacements.

Sounds promising?

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