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Are you looking for Summer Tyres Southampton for your vehicle?

Now, with Eco tyres, you can buy your own set of summer tyres Southamptonarea. We have a wide range of summer tyres with tyres from brands like Michelin, Pirelli, Goodyear, etc. These tyres provide excellent control and manoeuvrability when you are driving in dry and summer conditions. Summer tyres are also known for their long life.

Let us give you some added reason to get summer tyres in warm and dry weather conditions:

  • Summer tyres are made from a harder rubber compound that helps them to retain their shape even at high speed and warm temperatures. The rubber also helps in maintaining the stability and balance of a vehicle.
  • Because of shallower tyre treads, summer tyres provide better turning and cornering capabilities along with the ability to pick up high speed within no time; whereas, winter tyres are incompetent in imparting high speed.
  • Performance cars like Audi and Porsche use summer tyres for delivering what their engines are made for. They use summer tyres because of the steering capabilities that they provide.
  • Summer tyres ensure a firm grip on the road and also show better braking abilities than the winter and all-season tyres in dry conditions. The tyres have a larger area in contact with the road that helps in keeping a firm grip, thus, increasing the manoeuvrability of these tyres; traction is also increased, which proves helpful in longer drives.
  • Summer tyres are known for their longevity and higher quality. They are also responsible for superior comfort, along with enhanced driving abilities.

Things to keep in mind before using summer car tyres:

  • These tyres are specially designed only to be used in warmer conditions. In case the temperature goes below 7 degrees Celsius, you should always consider your options and get your car fitted with winter tyres.
  • Using summer tyres with tread depth below 1.6mm is illegal. Experts recommend that one should not use a tyre that has a tread depth below 3mm to avoid all kinds of tread failures and errors.
  • You should never mix summer tyres with any other tyres as they all each variant is made with its distinct capabilities, and the wrong type of tyres may result in total loss of control over the vehicle under emergency conditions. So, if you are going to change your summer tyres Southampton, you should replace all four of them at once.
  • You must avoid buying cheap summer tyres. Instead, you can buy affordable budget summer tyres from brands like NEXEN, Roadstone, etc. They are made to deliver superb performance in an affordable budget.

When you are in Southampton looking for excellent summer tyres, you don't have to go searching anywhere because you have us! We, Eco Tyres, are a one stop solution for all your summer tyres related issues. Our stock comprises an extensive range of summer tyres from much-appreciated brands like Michelin, Pirelli, and Goodyear, etc. You can book them online for yourself or can always visit us for our expert guidance before making a purchase. To know more, call us.

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