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Are you looking for Starter Motor Service Southampton for your vehicle?

A vehicle’s starter motor is responsible for turning the engine at ignition and making everything else take place. Like all other vehicular components, a starter motor is subject to general wear and tear with usage. When a starter motor does not turn fast enough or a portion of it is damaged, a repair or replacement may be necessary.

If you are looking for a trusted automotive service station offering starter motor service Southampton, we suggest considering Eco Tyres & Auto Care as a viable option. We are certified by the AA and are a RAC-approved facility offering vehicular services at competitive rates.

Major components of a starter motor and their functions

  • Brushes: Conduct electricity by coming in contact with specific commutator parts.
  • Armature: An electromagnet mounted on the bearings and drive shaft for support.
  • Lever fork: The lever fork linked to the plunger moves forward when the plunger is pushed forward. This process helps activate the pinion.
  • Field coil: Refers to a series of magnetic coils that produce magnetism around the coil rotor.
  • Commutator: Shaft section at the rear of the housing on which brushes run to conduct electricity.
  • Solenoid: Serves as a switch to close electrical connection and connect a starter motor to the battery.
  • Plunger: Connects the movement of the pull-in coil to drive the lever.

Signs and symptoms of starter motor issues

  • Smoke emissions from below the bonnet
  • Starter motor soaked in oil
  • Grinding noises while trying to start your vehicle
  • Rapid clicking from the starter motor
  • Nothing happens while pressing the start button or turning the ignition key
  • A single click sound from the starter motor

Notice any of these signs?

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