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Damage is not the rule, but it can occur.

The Dual Mass Flywheel is a very complicated and sensitive structure that is exposed to great forces. Indeed, the dual-mass flywheel is basically maintenance-free. Nevertheless, damage can occur from time to time. This is increasingly likely, especially if the car is a bit older or has a high mileage. However, this damage does not have to be caused by the DMF itself but can be triggered by a broken clutch or unprofessional chip tuning. In any case, it is recommended that the damage be repaired in good time.

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What is a dual-mass flywheel?

The car uses the dual-mass flywheel to reduce the engine's torsional vibrations. The use of dual-mass flywheels has become almost standard.

Tasks of the flywheel

The flywheel keeps the vibrations away from the transmission and thus ensures smoother running and greater driving comfort. Accordingly, a dual-mass flywheel is always matched to the particular engine and vehicle model.

Due to its long name, the dual-mass flywheel is often abbreviated as Dual Mass or DMF.

Structure of the dual-mass flywheel

The DMF is a flywheel consisting of two masses connected by a clutch. The two masses are called the primary and secondary flywheels. The inner workings of the two masses consist of a spring damping system, which consists of arc springs, diaphragms, ball or plain bearings, compression springs and grease. This damping system absorbs the torque fluctuations of the engine and keeps them away from the transmission.

Strong movements while driving

When an engine is running, mechanical vibrations are caused by the movements of the pistons and crankshaft. Although the engine itself is installed relatively vibration-free, the uneven rotational and jerking movements, triggered by unbalance, are transmitted to the connected components. In particular, the gearbox and the drive train have to struggle with this.

The problem and the solution provided by the DMF

Part of the car engine with transmission and dual-mass flywheel

The solution to the problem of strong vibrations is the dual-mass flywheel. The actual flywheel is divided lengthwise into two parts. The result is a flywheel on the engine called the primary flywheel. There is also a secondary flywheel, which is located in front of the transmission. Between them are a particularly soft clutch of coil springs and a plain bearing.

Dual-mass flywheel reduces vibrations

The vibrations of the engine on the vehicle drive are thus noticeably reduced. This process is known as vibration decoupling. At the same time, the dual-mass flywheel protects the transmission and ensures longer service life. In addition, thanks to the dual-mass flywheel, a lower speed range is possible, which saves fuel.

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