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Are you looking for Differential for your vehicle?

The differential is a modern automobile mechanism that allows the different drive wheels on an axle to rotate at different speeds. This system plays a very crucial role while taking turns.

The differential on most cars has a lifespan of about 30,000 to 50,000 miles. However, this unit tends to wear out before its estimated lifespan due to prolonged usage. Further, the differential runs on oil which needs regular refilling.

We at Eco Tyres and Auto Care offer differential service Southampton and oil refills at a cost-effective rate. Our experts use industry-best tools and technologies to conduct this service and ensure quick, accurate results.

Symptoms of a malfunctioning differential

Driving a car with a damaged or failing differential can lead to several complications. It can lead to sudden vehicle breakdowns and affect your overall vehicle performance drastically. Fortunately, a failing differential exhibits the following warning signs:

  • You see oil leakage from the car at one of the axles
  • You will hear an unusual and loud rattling noise from underneath the car
  • A failing differential will cause the vehicle to judder even while moving on a smooth road
  • Foul burning smell due to contaminated oil

Automobile experts recommend not ignoring these signs as they can lead to several discrepancies in the long run and increase your service bills.

About our differential service Southampton

Firstly, our experts will use advanced diagnostic tools to check the unit and identify the underlying cause of the issue. Then, we will suggest differential reconditioning Southampton or replacement based on the severity of the damage.

We stock superior quality OE-grade spares for almost every vehicle make and model. It ensures optimal vehicle performance and long service life.

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