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Are you looking for Wheel Alignment Southampton for your vehicle?

When a car leaves a manufacturing facility or a showroom, it is in its best shape possible. The brand manufacturers ensure that you get a perfect specimen of their work. But the condition of anything never remains the same. Over time, the components of the car will get degraded, depending on how they are treated. It is always recommended to get your vehicle to an auto garage for regular servicing, maintenance and Wheel Alignment Southampton. This is where you can make the best use of our services. We are Eco Tyres, and our experienced technicians will help you maintain your car by providing regular servicing Southampton at the cheapest rates.

One of the things that lose their mint condition is the wheel alignment of the vehicle. Wheel alignment is referred to the parallelism of the tyres with each other. Another aspect that is considered in wheel alignment is the perpendicularity of the wheels with the road. When a car leaves the manufacturing facility, it has its wheel appropriately aligned, but as time passes the wheels lose their alignment.

How to spot that your car needs an alignment correction?

Many simple clues can help you tell that your car has an alignment problem.

Some of them are as follows:

  • Your vehicle pulls to one side on the application of the brakes, even when you are stopping at a slow speed.
  • If you spot an uneven wearing of your tyres' treads, you need wheel alignment Southampton.
  • The fuel efficiency of your car starts to decline, and you need to take an increased number of trips to the fuel station.

What are the different types of wheel alignments?

Camber: When you take a look at your wheels while standing in front of the car and find a tilt in the wheels, then your car suffers from a camber alignment problem. Depending on the side of the tilt, it will be termed as a positive or a negative camber alignment. If the tilt is pointing the tyres inwards, it is identified as a negative camber, while if the wheels are pointing outwards, away from the centre of the vehicle, it will be called positive camber.

Toe: Same as the camber alignment problem, the toe is also a problem concerning the tilt of the wheels. The only difference is that the tilt can be spotted when seen from the top of the vehicle. The vehicles with an inward angle have a toe-in problem, while for an outward tilt, it is identified as a toe-out problem.

Caster: Caster is not directly linked to the wheels of the vehicle. Instead, it is the tilting of the steering axis. When the axis is tilted backwards, it is called a positive caster, while when the axis is angled forward, it is called a negative caster.

Technology We Use

Our high-tech machines are capable of doing a 3D wheel alignment in which, the software creates a 3D image of the wheels to give a better understanding of the data. We make use of Hunter Elite TD that is capable of delivering fast, accurate alignment measurement times. Another integration in the hunter technology is the CodeLink that resets the Steering Angle Sensor (SAS), in order to ensure the vehicles Electronic Stability Control (ESC) works properly.

When you come to us, here at Eco Tyres, our experts will keenly take care of your problems. Our wheel alignment system is specially designed to cater to any vehicle or car. Book an appointment with us for online, today! You can also call us to book it for you.

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