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Nexen Tyres

    NEXEN tyre is the name that has grown mostly in the 21st century. With the change in its name from Heung-A Tire Company to NEXEN tyres, the company has lived up to its name truly as the next century tyres. For long NEXEN was known for its high-quality budget tyres, but recently they have introduced many award-winning performance tyres as well.

    We, here at Eco Tyres, have a range of NEXEN tyres that are sure to fit the needs of your vehicle. If you need a new set of tyres in the Southampton area, don't forget to check out our collection of NEXEN tyres.

    NEXEN makes use of its numerous tyre manufacturing plants spread worldwide, and hence, delivers for large requirements adequately. But the question is, why should you buy NEXEN for your car?

    Let us provide you with a few reasons:

  • NEXEN heralds its vision - "we live together for tomorrow." Putting these words to practice, the company offers the best customer service, wherein the active executives are committed to providing help in any of the car tyres related issues.
  • The research and development facilities of NEXEN use high-tech machines that develop tyres specially designed to cater to the needs of local driving conditions and country-specific weather conditions. NEXEN strives to be the best in the market and hence, spends tons of money on innovations and development.

  • NEXEN has won various awards because of its unmatched tyres in many segments. Some of these awards include the biggest prizes in the tyre manufacturing industry, namely, America‚Äôs Idea Design Award for their Green Hive technology, Germany IF Design Award for superb Nfera SU1 tyres, Germany Red Dot Design Award and Japanese Good Design(G-mark) Award.
  • It is not just us, at Eco Tyres, who trust NEXEN. In fact, many of the biggest names in the car manufacturing industry, such as PORSCHE, SKODA, MITSUBISHI MOTORS, etc. place their complete faith in the brand; they all use NEXEN tyres as their original equipment partners.
  • Tyres that are designed by NEXEN are made to last longer and are of high quality. The personnel at NEXEN try their best to make new tyre technologies affordable. One of the best tyre range that NEXEN provides is its budget tyres. They are of superior quality, have a longer tread life, and are very much affordable.
  • Since 1942, NEXEN has become a global brand serving almost every country. It has an outstanding research facility with two of the largest tyre manufacturing plants in all of the world.

    If you are convinced with the points mentioned above and are looking to buy your own set of NEXEN tyres here in Southampton, do give our store a try. We, here at Eco Tyres, provide you with a large variety of NEXEN tyres to choose from.

    At Eco Tyres when you come to us, we help you with the selection of tyres that will fit your vehicle correctly. You can also buy them online with us. To know more, don't hesitate to give us a call; our executives here will be more than happy to help you.

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