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Your car suspension system is designed to maximise the friction between the tyres and the road surface, providing steering stability with good handling and comfortable driving experience. We often take our vehicle suspension and shock absorbers for granted considering how much they actually do. Contrary to popular belief, some people believe that the suspension and shock absorbers are only there for a smooth ride. For this reason, many people think that suspension checks and repairs aren’t as important as other car maintenance issues like oil changes or brakes. We know first-hand how a bad suspension can affect your ability to control the vehicle, especially when stopping or turning. It really is in your best interest not to ignore this part of vehicle maintenance.

Why is suspension important?

The suspension system in your car consists of several components, including the chassis, which holds the cab of the car. Other important parts are the springs that support the vehicle weight, absorb and reduce excess energy from road shocks and, of course, the shock absorbers and struts. Your car’s suspension must be in good working condition as worn components may reduce driving stability and control. Without repairing or replacing a worn suspension, other components could wear at an accelerated pace. Your suspension and shock absorbers are important for a number of reasons as they:

Did you know that worn shock absorbers can add up to 2 metres to your braking distance while driving at 30mph? It’s important to maintain a healthy vehicle suspension system for optimum comfort, stability and handling.

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It is not always easy to detect suspension problems as it generally occurs gradually with a loss of performance in the shocks and springs. As it happens over a relatively long period of time, motorists may not always know that their suspension needs attention. At Elite Garages, we offer a FREE, no obligation suspension inspection with trained technicians. They will thoroughly inspect your vehicle and identify any suspension problems including shock absorbers. Our technicians will provide a full report and share any known issues along with a clear quote for repairs if needed.

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