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Roadstone Tyres

Roadstone tyres have the confidence of NEXEN tyres, and the expertise they offer has made Roadstone the brand it is today. Roadstone tyres, even though they started late in the market of budget tyres, that is around 15 years back, have built quite a reputation for themselves with the help of NEXEN tyres.

We are proud to announce that, we Eco Tyres, are the official dealers for Roadstone tyres here in the Southampton area. We are thankful to Roadstone and NEXEN for showing such unbound trust in us and allowing us to sell their tyres officially.

What is it that makes Roadstone worthy of being the priority, when buying tyres for your cars?

The name ‘NEXEN’ attached to the Roadstone brand is enough to tell you why it is one of the best. Nonetheless, here are some reasons that will help you put your complete faith in Roadstone as we do:

  • Roadstone makes use of a 500,000 square metre large, car manufacturing facility at the Qingdao plant in China. It is one of the largest and the most advanced facilities in the world that manufacture tyres. Another great news arrived for Roadstone when NEXEN opened its third plant in Changnyeong, Korea. The plant is the same in area as the Qingdao plant and is best known to use eco-friendly technologies with a high number of automated machines.
  • With its research and development departments established in the USA, China, Germany, and numerous other countries, Roadstone has earned global recognition. The people in R&D are dedicated to providing superior quality rubber at the best possible prices.
  • The Roadstone network has stretched to over 100 countries, and they have achieved this milestone at one of the fastest rates. Yes, they have become one of the fastest growing tyre companies in all of the world.
  • With the competition rising day by day, the employees at Roadstone give their all to maintain the position of Roadstone tyres in the market as it is now. The eco-friendly technology and high tech machines employed for the production of its tyres are believed to take it to newer heights soon .
  • Roadstone provides a range of tyres that is sure to cater to your needs. The tyres cover passenger vehicles, SUVs, van and light trucks, along with a variety of winter tyres that ensure excellent safety in the winter conditions and on the snow-laden roads.

There is no better place to buy your Roadstone tyres than ECO Tyres. We are the official dealers, authorised by Roadstone itself to sell their tyres. If you want to get your own set of brand new Roadstones, book them online with us. In case you want them fitted as well, bring in your car to our centre, and we will install them for you. To know more about tyres that will cater to the conditions of the roads in Southampton, don't forget to give us a call. Our executives will be delighted to be of any assistance to you.

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