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Are you looking for Winter Check Southampton for your vehicle?

Your car needs special care for the winters, the same as your own body. With a drastic decrease in temperature, it becomes hard for your vehicle to cope up with the harsh winters. We, Eco tyres, can help your car get ready to face the cold weather conditions and make it through to the summers.

You can also make use of our exclusive discounted winter checks offered to our lucky early-bird customers. So, don’t miss out on this opportunity and get your winter check Southampton as soon as possible.

Our technicians will carefully examine and make your car ready for the winters.

Our experts examine the following things:

Battery check-up: The most common thing that will fail your vehicle is your car battery. As the temperature goes down, the battery tends to get weaker and weaker. It might breakdown in its second or third year of use, even though the average life may be five years. Our experts look for its corrosion along with the condition.

We give your engine coolants what they need: Most of the engine coolants fail to stay in the liquid form, so we mix anti-freeze with them. They keep the coolants from freezing in the dropping temperatures.

We check the tread depth and act accordingly: When it comes to maintaining safety in the winter conditions, the treads of a tyre plays a significant role. If the tread does not have an optimum depth, it will not be able to provide adequate traction on the road. We advise our customers to switch to winter tyres, but if that is not the case, we thoroughly check the treads for safety.

Clean your lights and their lenses: Proper lights are necessary to maintain visibility in the foggy and misty conditions. We will clean your lights and their glasses so that they retain their intensity. We will also take care of the reflectors to further increase their intensity.

Windscreen and wipers: The blades of wipers are checked to ensure they work perfectly in the hailstorm or rainy conditions. When driving in the cold weather, wipers also take care of the moisture that generally sits on the windscreen. We also check the windshield for cracks as any chip can become a major safety hazard and can also bring down the temperature of your car’s cabinet.

Check your heating system: Car heaters serve as a lifesaver when you have your family, especially your kids with you. Our experts check the heater for maintenance of appropriate temperature throughout the passengers’ cabinet. If it has some problem in heating we will repair it if that is possible; otherwise, we will replace it entirely with a brand new one.

Get your car ready with us. Our experts here at Eco tyres consider your safety and comfort as their priority and hence, will look after your vehicle accordingly. We will get it ready to face any harsh situation, be it icy road or the falling temperatures here in the Southampton; don't worry, just bring your car to our garage.

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