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Are you looking for Wheel Repair Southampton for your vehicle?

Alloy wheels can sustain substantial damages or dents that hamper their aesthetic appeal. Overlooking such damages, you might need to replace them and spend outrageous prices.

As an alternative solution, reach out to our experts at Eco Tyres & Auto Care for professional wheel repair Southampton. Our in-house technicians implement modern techniques and machinery to perform welding and straightening at cost-effective rates.

Types of wheel damages we repair

Generally, there are steel and alloy wheels available in the market. However, alloy wheels have gained popularity due to their lightweight construction and designs. In case of damages, replacing alloy wheels may be a costly affair. To avoid this, you should get repair services from us.

Here are some wheel damages we cater to:

  • Dents
  • Corrosion
  • Buckles
  • Kerb damages
  • Scrapes, etc.

So, end your searches for wheel welding and straightening Southampton with us.

Signs of damaged car wheels

Minor damages like dents, buckles, etc., are not visible. Thus, look for the below-mentioned symptoms before opting for a wheel repair service.

  • Vibrating steering wheel
  • Poor braking performance
  • Improper steering response
  • Compromised car handling experience
  • Frequent air pressure loss in tyres

If you find these symptoms, come to our facility at Unit 30-32 St Marys Place, SO14 3HY.

About our wheel repair service

Our technicians use a modern hydraulic press to weld and straighten the damaged vehicle wheels. Here are the steps they follow while conducting wheel repair:

  • First, they unmount the wheels and remove dirt and grime to expose the damaged part.
  • In the case of buckles, they straighten them by applying heat and pressing it with the help of our advanced tools.
  • On removal of buckles, our experts weld the cracks using necessary equipment.
  • After welding, they sand your car wheels with grit to smooth the surface.
  • Finally, we paint your vehicle wheels and colour-match them effectively.

Impressive, isn’t it?

So, quit searching for ‘Wheel Repair Southampton’ and call us on 02380 441044 for an appointment.

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