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Are you looking for Tyre Pressure Check Southampton for your vehicle?

Are treads the only vital part of a tyre? No, tyre pressure is important too. People often forget the faceless little devil - tyre pressure, that might help you save a fortune or on the contrary can give you a headache, causing many repairs and making it hard to drive. We, Eco Tyres, know the importance of tyre pressure and hence, recommend you to maintain it accordingly.

Since the discovery of pneumatic tyres, it has become easy to innovate and indulge new technologies and experiments in the tyres of a vehicle. But the boon continues to remain so only when you regularly maintain your tyre pressure.

Tyre pressure is responsible for retaining the fuel economy of the car, along with providing safety and comfort. If you are using an under inflated or over inflated tyre, you are going to lose most of the perks that are associated with the pneumatic tyres.

In a study, it was found that almost all of the car owners in the UK were aware of the importance of having an adequate tyre pressure, but one of every four drivers had incorrect tyre pressure.

What are the different disadvantages of having inaccurate tyre pressure?

There are numerous, but the main disadvantages are as follows:

  • Fuel economy of the vehicle decreases substantially because of an underinflated tyre. Have you ever rode a bicycle with tyres that were underinflated? If yes, then you would know how difficult and manually challenging it becomes to paddle it. Likewise, your car's engine takes enormous pressure to drag those tyre. To produce that much power, more fuel is burnt by the engine, resulting in reduced economy.
  • Another significant disadvantage associated with inadequate tyre pressure is the safety of the car. When you drive your vehicle with underinflated tyres, it drifts away on the application of the brakes and pulls to one side. This causes inaccurate steering, which can easily be a cause for accidents.
  • More wearing of tyres: Under-inflated tyres are of the reason that your car tyres wear out, and you have to get your treads replaced. While the underinflated tyres cause them to wear out quickly, over-inflated tyres pose a more significant threat to safety. They can easily become the reason for tyre blowouts that are usually very difficult to handle, especially in traffic.
  • Environmental pollution: As fuel consumption increases with the use of under-inflated tyres, so does the emission of gases; thus, causing various kinds of environmental threats.

There can be many reasons for the tyres to lose pressure, namely:

  • Leakage in the valve
  • Tyre damages and punctures
  • Weather changes
  • Improper tyre fitting

Whatever may be the reason, tyres with low or high pressure are an issue that needs immediate solutions. It is also simple to put to action: just get them inflated correctly.

Our tyre pressure check machine is capable of providing accurate readings and inflates your tyre accordingly. If you live in the Southampton area, come to us for regular tyre pressure check Southampton, and you can save a lot. In need of more on tyre pressure, call our team. We will be pleased to hear from you.

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