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Are you looking for Mechanical Repair for your vehicle?

Consider Eco Tyres & Auto Care if you are searching for a workshop offering professional and reliable mechanical repair services. We cover major, minor and diagnostic checks if you opt for mechanical repair Southampton for a vehicle from us.

We host a team of experts adept at repairing your damaged car components with utmost efficiency and care. Further, they use state-of-the-art equipment to conduct a comprehensive check and detect underlying issues promptly. This way, we can offer effective repair and replacement services.

Checks that comprise our mechanical repair service

During the repair service, our trained technicians offer the following inspections:

Checks on car brakes

We conduct a full inspection of your vehicle’s brake components, such as rotors, callipers, wheel cylinders etc. Our team uses advanced tools to carry out these checks, which help them detect defects promptly. Additionally, we specialise in inspecting modern braking systems like ABS, ESP etc.

If we find some damages beyond repair, we replace the brake components with durable OE-grade spares.

Suspension inspection

If your car’s suspension system is malfunctioning, you must contact us urgently for an inspection. We provide checks on your vehicle’s suspension system under our mechanical repair services. Our technicians inspect shock absorbers, linkages, struts, springs, steering columns etc., to find damages and subsequently offer reliable solutions.

Inspection of car batteries

A failing car battery can lead to A sudden vehicle breakdown. To avoid such circumstances, opt for a mechanical repair Southampton from our workshop. We offer professional battery repair and replacement services after checking vital components like spark plugs, charging systems, alternators, etc.

Other than this, we offer a few minor and diagnostic checks such as:

  • Clutch inspection
  • Engine oil checks
  • Inspection of an exhaust system
  • Checks on vehicle steering
  • Light and horn check
  • Tyres and wheels inspection
  • Windscreen and wiper checks, etc.

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End your search for ‘mechanical repair Southampton’ and choose us. You can book an appointment with us online by entering your vehicle make and model details on our website.

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