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Are you looking for Car Battery Southampton for your vehicle?

The battery is an essential component under your hood. It is responsible for causing the spark plug to start the engine. Without sufficient charge, the battery will not be able to ignite the spark plug, and hence, fuel in the engine will not be able to combust. Also, if there is a fault in any one of the components, it will show the result in the overall performance of the battery.

When you feel that something is wrong with your battery and it is taking longer than usual to start your engine, bring your car to us. We, Eco tyres, will get your car battery Southampton or replaced with a more reliable and new one.

What are the reasons for battery malfunction:

Extreme cold weather: With the decrease in temperature, the battery gets weaker too. When the weather is the cause for your battery to die, you can’t do anything but to prepare yourself for the consequences of the cold weather. If you feel that your headlights are dimming when they are running on the batteries and not the engine, just contemplate that your battery is soon going to die.

An ageing battery: It is most common for a battery to age and die. On average, the age of a battery is considered to be four to five years, but they can die sooner too because of the external factors. You should always have a rough idea of when you first bought your batteries to avoid emergency conditions and act accordingly.

Corrosion happening in your battery: As obvious as it may sound, corrosion is one of the biggest reasons for a car battery to die. As the battery is composed of acid, it is bound to get corroded over time. But if it starts to degrade in the early years of its purchase, then your alternators may be at fault. You can spot the corrosion by looking at the connections of the battery. If you see a blue or green ring forming at the link to the battery or a dandruff formation, get them wiped off. In case they reappear, get your Car Battery Replacement Southampton Service; it may be corroded.

Carlessness: Sometimes, human carelessness causes the battery to die. These may include forgetting to switch off the headlights, air conditioner running on cars batteries, etc. It is frustrating to know that your battery has died because of your carelessness; hence, check twice while locking your car and stepping in your home.

Faulty alternators: Alternators’ primary function is to charge the battery when the vehicle is running on the engine's power. These should work fine for the proper health of the battery. A malfunctioning alternator can cause corrosion or may not charge the battery accurately; thus, slowly killing the battery.

How can you check your battery?

To check the condition of your battery, besides dandruff formation as mentioned earlier, make use of a multimeter. Connect it to the terminals of the battery and check the reading. It should always be 12 volts or above. In a brand new condition, the potential difference of the battery is around 14V, which slowly drops. If it is lesser than that consider replacing your battery as soon as possible.

In case your batteries are unable to ignite the spark plug quickly, or headlights are dimmer than usual, bring your car to our centre. Here at Eco Tyres, we will replace your battery in no time. We provide Car Battery Replacement Southampton service and nearby area; so the next time you need us, just make a call.

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