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Are you looking for Air Conditioning Service Southampton for your vehicle?

Apart from keeping the interiors cool during the hot summer months, a car air conditioning system also improves the air quality by filtering out harmful bacteria and airborne pathogens.

So, it is vital for the air-con system to function optimally throughout.

Are you looking for a reliable air conditioning service Southampton?

Get comprehensive servicing from Eco Tyres & Auto Care! We are a reliable vehicle workshop hosting a team of technicians with the modern tools and necessary technical know-how to deal with air conditioning system issues. Additionally, our services come at a reasonable rate.

Symptoms of a faulty air conditioning system

A malfunctioning aircon system will lead to the following signs:

  • Water droplets on windows and windscreen
  • A misty or damp smell while driving
  • Reduced fuel efficiency (This happens due to low refrigerant levels.)

So, on noticing such issues, you should visit us at the earliest and get professional checks and services of the car air con.

Note: You can book an aircon service Southampton with us online. You enter details like car make and model, registration year etc., to proceed.

Why choose us?

Our technicians can handle vital car systems, like an air conditioning system, with precision and utmost care. During a comprehensive aircon inspection, they check the following components:

  • Accumulator or receiver
  • Condenser
  • Evaporator
  • Compressor
  • Thermal expansion valve

After thoroughly inspecting the car AC, we will find the crux of an issue and suggest an appropriate course of action. If the damages are beyond repair, we recommend air conditioning service Southampton.

Further, if the air con refrigerant gas is below the standard level, we will offer a top-up with a suitable gas per your car model.

Sounds good?

Then, quit searching for ‘air conditioning service near me’ and get in touch with us.

You can call us on 02380 441044 for a quote.

Alternatively, if you have further queries, you can drive to our facility at Unit 30-32 St Marys Place, SO14 3HY.

We are open on all business days.

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