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Are you looking for Wheel Repair Major Services for your vehicle?

Alloy wheels remain popular with car owners in the UK because of their aesthetic appeal and lightweight construction. However, this absence of hard metal in the design of these wheels makes them easily susceptible to curbside damages or minor impacts.

As alloy wheels are comparatively expensive, repairing them is a cost-effective alternative. So, if you are searching for ‘wheel repair near me’, consider us at Eco Tyres and Auto Care your best option.

Why shouldn’t you drive with a damaged wheel?

In case your car wheels sustain corrosions, dents or scratches, you should not continue using them for the following reasons:

  • It hurts your vehicle’s aesthetic appeal, negatively impacting its resale value. Furthermore, these issues can result in hefty bills shortly if left unchecked.
  • When you manoeuvre your vehicle with damaged wheels, there can be a noticeable odd juddering in the steering column.
  • The car control decreases significantly, resulting in poor cornering precision and steering stability.
  • There is a higher risk of tyre deflation.
  • The fuel consumption level of your car can increase exponentially.

Why choose us?

Here, our experts use state-of-the-art technology to offer wheel repair Southampton in the following steps:

  • After dismounting the wheels, we clean them thoroughly to remove the dust and grime. It helps us inspect the damaged portion of the wheels.
  • We keep the tyre region covered so that it does not get damaged during this entire procedure.
  • In case of a buckle, we remove it before preparing the wheels for the sanding process.
  • Afterwards, smoothen out the wheel surface using a mechanical sander.
  • Then, we apply fillers to the fractured area before sanding it again.
  • Lastly, we restore the original look of the wheels by spray painting the damaged area.

Sounds promising? Then, please do not spend your valuable time looking for other options and contact us today!

Our address & contact details

So, drop by our workshop at Unit 30-32 St Marys Place, SO143HY. If you still have questions, feel free to drop a mail at

Additionally, for end-to-end guidance from our experts, dial us at 02380 441044 today!

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