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Matador MP85 Hectorra


MP85 Hectorra

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The MP85 Hectorra is an ideal choice for today's high performance 4x4's. Designed for 100% on-road applications the for MP85 provides excellent protection against aquaplaning and excellent handling.

Tyre tread MP 85 Hectorra 4x4 SUV UHP - A new high-speed summer asymmetric tread for SUVE vehicles - for the most demanding tyre segment – ULTRA HIGH PERFORMANCE. The asymmetric design of the tread offers optimal maneuverability and safety on wet and dry surface. The tyre is designed for SUV vehicles, for fast and safe drive in UHP segment with 100% paved/0% unpaved rating. Features of MP85 Hectorra 4x4 SUV UHP tyre: - Road Ultra High Performance SUV tyre - Comfort and safety even at high speeds - Asymmetrical design of tread excellent handling and steering - precision on dry and wet road surface - modern design and innovative features to increase safety – “safety info”.

Tyre Size Fully fitted price:
Size 17 Tyres
Matador MP85 Hectorra 215/60R17 96H E C 71
£112.00 save £11.20
Matador MP85 Hectorra 225/65R17 102H E C 71
£116.00 save £11.60
Matador MP85 Hectorra 235/65R17 108V E C 72
£118.00 save £11.80
Matador MP85 Hectorra 245/65R17 111H E C 72
£130.00 save £13.00
Size 18 Tyres
Matador MP85 Hectorra 235/60R18 107V E C 72
£124.00 save £12.40