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The MP81 Conquerra is a 4x4 tyre designed for 90% on-road use and 10% light off-road. Designed for today's modern 4x4’s the MP81 offers excellent protection in the wet with its wide circumferential grooves and open shoulders. Continuous circumferential ribs also increase the tread stability and combined with an increased volume of rubber on the outer shoulder, returns superb handling characteristics. The computer aided design tread pattern ensures a quiet drive.

Based on permanent development and increasing success of the OFF ROAD 4x4 and SUV market segment also tyre producers try to cover the whole spectrum of tyres for the utility vehicles. Such as any other vehicles also these vehicles need summer and winter tyres as well as all-season tyres. MATADOR has therefore decided to extend its assortment by the A/T tyre MP 71 IZZARDA and the winter tyre MP 91 NORDICCA for SUV 4x4 as well as the all-season SUV tyre MP 81 CONQUERRA All Weather. This tyre is intended for all season application emphasizing high safety of driving on all tyres of roads (wet, dry, snowy and icy roads) and excellent comfort of driving with high mileage and a new tyre design including the sidewall and tread design.

Tyre Size Fully fitted price:
Size 17 Tyres
Matador MP81 275/55R17 109V E C 72
£140.00 save £14.00